The following testimonials are all REAL PATIENTS sharing their stories in THEIR OWN WORDS. No one was coached or paid, or
received any preferential treatment for sharing this valuable information with you.

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After working as a legal secretary for 12 years, the unthinkable happened. I started experiencing swelling and pain
in my wrists, pain in my low back, and shooting pain down my entire right leg. Like many, I hesitated seeking medical
treatment putting work first. After numerous (and I mean alot) doctor appointments (with orthopedists,
rheumatologists, physical therapists, and with my own doctors), Dr Gair was highly recommended through a friend
experiencing the same problems. So I tried him. Not only could he relate to what I was going through, but also was
able to treat me.
After just two weeks I stopped taking the pain medication for my back (wow!). The pain in
my wrists decreased significantly. I am now able to enjoy long drives, long walks, can run and exercise with minimal
discomfort. I can also write for longer periods of time, and can honestly say my life style has improved
significantly (from 45%-85%).
When all doctors gave up on me (myself included), Dr Gair gave me hope. I am
glad I stuck it out. Thanks Dr Gair for caring-
and I mean really caring! Laura Y. Chavez
Here is a letter from a Baldwin Park Police Officer. I donated my time to them and did a workshop that
taught them how to nutritionally prepare for the challenges of the Annual Baker to Vegas Relay
Race, and also how to prevent injuries and treat the ones they had. Several officers now come in
each year to get ready for the race. Here is what Officer Mike S. had to say...
"I would like to thank Dr Kirk Gair for his assistance and treatment of team runners in
preparation for the 2003 Baker to Vegas relay. Dr Gair was instrumental in getting
runners back on track after suffering various injuries/problems associated with training for
the relay."
Mike S
Baldwin Park Police Department
Dear Dr Gair,
Not too long ago, I walked around in pain. I walked around so carefully, I feared being bumped into
and knocked down. Stairs were a challenge for me!
After..therapy with you, I can't believe how much better I feel. I am so much more limber and I
walk normal again.
I am able to walk 2 miles with my neighbor, 5 days a week.  
But best of all, I'm able to dance
After each session, I learned something new about the human body.
It has been a healing experience both physically and mentally. I thank you sincerely,
LoRee Mills
My name is Alice Garcia.
Before I met Doc Gair I was in (pain) everyday, due to being hit from rear while waiting for the
light to change at a intersection.
After the accident, I started to have pain in my shoulders, arms, neck. This pain would begin after
driving my bus for 10-15 minutes (i am a school bus driver). The pain would begin in the shoulders
and works its way down to my hands.
I also had pain every night while trying to sleep. It would be difficult to turn over.
Because of Doc Gair I was able to sleep and drive without pain. I was able to do the things
I truly enjoy. Because of Doc Gair, I was able to start walking again.
Mrs Alice Garcia
Here is where a local High School student shares his story...I (Dr Gair) often volunteer my time
to help out at area schools, and Adam was one of the students that I mentored after his first mentor
flaked out on him. He would visit my office a couple of times a week and ask me all kinds of questions.
I like doing these mentorships because I remember what it was like to be in high school, and how
much one person can affect your life and future. Here is what Adam had to say...

I would like to say thank you for being my mentor this year.

I know I came to you in the middle of the year. Thank you for being understanding and patient
with me. I had learned more about physical therapy in three days than I did in my own research
(the rest of the year). I greatly appreciated when you gave me pointers on how to present my
senior project to the health class. You made me feel really comfortable in your office...You open
my eyes for chiropractic, I am considering it as a major for college. Thank you for help and
This past summer I worked out and lost 30 lbs. It is fun here at ASU (Arizona
State University). Take care and God Bless.

Dorrin Turner- was told his Senior football
season was over by the orthopedic Dr due to a
shoulder injury that would take 6 months to
repair. He got Cold Laser therapy from me,
played his senior season, and became CIF
Defensive MVP while helping his team win a
CIF Championship. What a HUGE difference
laser therapy made in his life!
Please note that results will vary with treatment. Many factors affect a patient's progress, and these testimonials do not guarantee that you will have the same results for the same condition.
Denver Abner- he had been suffering for years
from vertigo that prevented him from working.
After one non-invasive cold laser treatment to his
cranial nerves, the vertigo stopped. And so far it
had been several months that he had been
vertigo free.
Mary Marcroft- Mary had been suffering from an
inflammatory eye condition and had been getting
treatment for 6 months with the opthomologist
that was not helping. I ran a Functional Blood
Analysis on her to determine the root of the
inflammation and started her on a specific diet
and supplement protocol based on her lab
findings. Within weeks, the condition resolved
completely and has not returned.
Mark & Brandon Mead- Mark brings his son
Brandon in for weekly laser "tune-ups" and
adjustments because they notice that Brandon
performs better and recovers quicker in
baseball. He plays for Covina HS and the Lidle
travel team.
Steve Lopez- Steve initially got laser treatment
for a shoulder injury, and had a 100% recovery.

already dropped him 2 pant sizes!
Teresa Mairen- she has probably our most
amazing story. When she first came in around 8
years ago, she had been told by her doctors that
they might have to
AMPUTATE her leg due to
her injury, which left her on crutches and in
constant pain for 6 months. Muscle tissue death
was occurring in her leg... however, within a few
weeks of cold laser therapy she had a 100%
recovery! Quite a Laser Miracle. And now she
works at our office as our Receptionist! :)
Alec Rodriguez- Alec had been getting
treatment for months at Kaiser for a growth
plate injury to his ankle. He had made almost
no progress and was unable to play baseball.
A friend referred him to our office, and after a
few short treatments, he was back to 100%!