I have been in practice since 1999, and since that time I have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of patients that are suffering
from chronic health problems who feel frustrated with the help they are receiving, or better yet NOT receiving, from the
conventional medical model.

Many of these patients are suffering from symptoms, such as low thyroid symptoms, with difficulty losing weight, thinning hair, lack
of energy, poor digestion, etc, yet get frustrated because they are told all their blood tests are 'normal'. Worse yet, many of those
who actually do get diagnosed with something from their blood test feel little or no difference when medications are prescribed.
Often these medications lead to side effects that require more medications to manage those side effects, and the next thing you
know they are on a series of endless prescriptions. Does this sound like you?

Many patients complain about needed large amounts of CAFFEINE just to make it through the day. Others report feeling
exhausted or bloated after eating. And large numbers have blood sugar issues, ranging from full blown diabetes to reactive
hypoglycemia symptoms, such as feeling shaky or irritable if meals are missed, craving sweets, coffee, or energy drinks, waking up
nauseated or exhausted, and much more.

Several years ago I started doing post-graduate training in Functional Medicine to try to help these chronic patients who felt
abandoned by the current medical model. In functional medicine we use gold standard laboratory testing that is also used in
conventional medicine. However, we interpret these labs with much narrower ranges than your regular Medical Doctor would use.

We use very tight "functional" ranges to be able to catch subtler patterns that can be missed when using conventional lab ranges
for interpretation. Additionally, we look for patterns that are occurring between different systems in the body and how they affect
one another so that we can get to the root of what is causing the problem instead of just trying to treat the symptoms. Take a look
at the
download). In some cases, we will order additional lab tests to determine if the patient has auto-immune reactions to food, suffers
from a leaky gut, gluten intolerance, and much more. Take a look at
www.Cyrexlabs.com for an example of some of the tests that
we utilize.

Many people wonder why we don't use the conventional lab 'normal' ranges. Here is why...Think about who usually gets regular
blood tests... the sick... and the elderly... So, the average values are based on a Bell Curve application to all the blood tests run
through that lab in a given year. That is why different labs have different normal values, and why normal ranges change every

Take a look at the
sample lab test. All the values that are in red are what are out of the normal lab ranges, while the values in
yellow are ones that would be missed when using conventional ranges. When we use the tighter functional ranges we can detect
these dysfunctions. Once these patterns on your blood test are evaluated and correlated with your exam and your intake
questionnaires, we can develop a dietary and supplement protocol to help provide the customized nutritional support that your
body needs. This is specific to you and to what is going on in your body at the moment.

In order to master the complex subject of Functional Medicine, I started taking regular seminars from world renowned expert,
researcher, educator, author, and clinician
Dr Datis Kharrazian. Dr K is internationally recognized as not only an expert in
functional medicine, but also an expert in Thyroid function (see his book in our Special Offers section). I currently receive
additional training every month in this subject in order to stay up on the latest research.

Functional blood chemistry analysis will give you a clear and objective analysis of how your body is functioning at the moment, and
what you need to do to get it to an optimum level.

After you have your blood test and examination and have filled out all your forms, you will receive a detailed report that outlines
what dysfunctional patterns may be occurring in your body
(click here to see a sample report). It will also give you a list of the
specific supplements you should take to regain balance in your body. This list will be specific in amount to your age, sex, and
weight. It will also give you SPECIFIC dietary advice based on the lab findings.

Click here to see a sample blood test interpretation.

Click here to see a sample report...

This report is from an actual long term patient of mine who has given me permission to share her story, and she is willing to talk to
anyone who has questions about the blood analysis and treatment plan (please note that this report is from several years ago,
and our reports are much more detailed now). Reyna had been having back pain and serious digestive issues since she was a
teenager. This woman was now in her 40s and appeared the picture of health. She ate all organically...cooked at home...exercised
and did yoga regularly...took supplements regularly...was very fit...yet she still suffered from pain and digestive trouble.

She decided to do the blood test to see if we could fine tune something. In her case, we found an intestinal parasite pattern. She
had a habit of eating sushi and also letting her dogs sleep in the bed with her, both red flags for parasites. She had other patterns
going on as well as you can see if you read her report.

The bottom line is this.... we got her to take some supplements for the parasite, and supplements to support other systems in her
body, such as digestive enzymes, and got her to stop the sushi and dogs in the bed. She also sought the help of another
practitioner who dealt a lot with parasites. She did this for several months....and...after that time, the back pain she had
experienced since her teen years was finally GONE! And, for the first time since then she had regular bowels!

Her life has totally changed since then, and she would love to talk to you if you have questions.

Most insurance will not cover the cost of all the lab testing that we do. You can try having our panel added on to your yearly panel
with your doctor, but they often leave out many of the tests that we need. We have special discount from Foundation Labs of just
$149 for the blood panel, which includes vitamin D testing, complete blood count, a thyroid panel, blood lipid panel, kidney and
liver function, and inflammatory markers. The analysis and report that I write ranges from $80 to $100, depending on the length of
the report. You will be given lifestyle recommendations, such as dietary changes, and supplement recommendations. You can get
the supplements anywhere, or have us order them for you. It is recommended that you do a follow up blood test in 2 to 3 months
to track your progress and make sure you are improving properly. Insurance does not cover my analysis and report, Also, this
method has not been evaluated by the FDA, and is not intended to cure or treat a disease, or replace the treatment you may be
receiving from your medical doctor. At no time will I tell you to go off your medications, as that is a decision that only you and the
medical doctor who prescribed it can make.

Call our office at 626-338-3600 or email if you have more questions or would like to set up a consultation.
Are you 'sick and tired of feeling sick and tired'?
Do you want a natural alternative or answer to change the way you feel right now?
Do you want to have more energy and feel like you did when you were younger?
Are you interested in slowing or reversing the effects of aging?
Have you ever stood in front of a vitamin counter and felt lost or overwhelmed, wondering which ones
you really need, and which ones were a good brand?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, then my Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
protocol may be able to help you...

and fill them out. If you have a lot of 2's or 3's for answers, then a Functional Analysis is highly indicated!
Click on the texts to download the
intake forms if you are interested in
Functional Blood Analysis or if you
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1) Metabolic Assessment Form

2) Neurologic Assessment

3) Sample Lab Results

4) Sample Report

5) Sample Food Sensitivity    
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