The Erchonia lasers have received FDA market clearance for several conditions.

Receiving FDA market clearance means that a product has been shown through research to do what it claims to be able to do. As of today, Erchonia has
been able to successful demonstrate that their lasers can
decrease pain and inflammation for neck and shoulder injuries. Approval was received
after double blind trials were able to provide substantial evidence to support that the lasers actually did what they said they could do.

Additionally, the Erchonia Dermalaser has FDA clearance for the
treatment of ACNE. The dermalaser does not burn tissue or cause any heating to
occur, unlike other more invasive techniques.

You can link to their page to read the research more in depth if you like:


In addition to the FDA approved uses, the laser has also been beneficial in treating the following injuries and conditions.

Sports Injuries- Lance Armstrong's chiropractor, Dr Jeff Spencer went with him on the Tour De France to give him laser treatments! His methods are so
successful that Lance credits Dr Spencer as being "Dr Magic", because he and his team felt that he could quickly fix any injury that they had. Lance also
credits Dr Spencer as being an important part of the success that he had winning a record 7 consecutive Tour de France races. I have taken seminars
from Dr Spencer to learn the ground-breaking techniques that he utilizes to get injured athletes back to peak performance quickly. By utilizing Dr
Spencer's techniques with the Erchonia lasers, we can quickly restore strength to injured, weakened muscles, detect hidden injuries by challenging the
nervous system, and also promote faster healing of the injury.  

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Neck Pain
Back Pain- Click HERE for official Erchonia Research Page
Shoulder injuries- Click HERE for Official Erchonia Research Page
Knee Injuries
Foot injuries
Broken bones (we can laser through the cast, and stimulate bone producing cells to repair the break about 30% faster)
Post surgical pain

For all of these injuries, the central component to utilizing the laser is restoring muscle strength and balance and improving neurological function. Most
people can actually feel a difference in their muscle strength even after just the first visit. Even old, chronic injuries that have not responded to other
treatments can get great results with the laser. In fact, in many cases, an older injury responds even faster than a fresh one..  

The laser is also effective for the following injuries and conditions:
Auto Injuries
Work Injuries
Numbness and Tingling
Sprains and Strains
Knee injuries
Shoulder injuries
Decreased Range of Motion
Muscle aches and pains
Muscle tension
Swollen joints
Scar tissue
Skin conditions   

Additionally, there are many other conditions that cold laser helps, but these above ones are the most common.  You may call our office at
626-338-3600, or email if you would like a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION to see if you are a candidate for our therapy.