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Every month, I try to write and send out an exciting and informative newsletter to all my patients. Lately, I have been
so busy that I have had to resort to putting the newsletters online or through email.

On this page (below and to the left) you can download archived versions of past newsletters. Please, feel free to
make copies and give them to your friends or email them.

If you want a free subscription, send me an email at, and let me know if you want it emailed
or snail mailed.

This newsletter contains valuable tips to get you into the best health possible. It also reveals many of the secrets of
the health industry that big drug companies and HMOs hope you NEVER learn!

Other features that people love are the access to FREE informative reports on what you must do if you have been in
a car accident, hurt at work, suffer from carpal tunnel, headaches, shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, and many

I also include a success story of the month, and award one lucky patient with the patient of the month award, which
gives them a dinner for four paid for by me as a thank you for being such a great patient. But the only way to find out if
you won is to read the newsletter.

Lastly, I always include info on the next monthly FREE workshop, and special offers on treatment discounts or

Best of all, you do not have to be a patient to get a free subscription!

If you would like a FREE SUBSCRIPTION, or would like to give a free subscription to a friend, please email me with
the name and address where you want it sent. Or, you may choose to have me email you each issue. Those who sign
up for the email updates will also receive SPECIAL OFFERS from me that non-subscribers will not receive. There is
no cost for this service! Also, I DO NOT share this information (your email or address) with ANYONE. It is for the sole
purpose of my mailings. Enjoy!

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